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Let's Eat, Charlotte!

Welcome to Charlotte Food Scene, where we aim to serve as Charlotte’s best food and drink resource and guide to restaurants, bars, and breweries throughout the city. Here, you will find information on when and where to dine as well as access to individual virtual restaurant menus, which will show you dishes that each restaurant has to offer. We want to help you see your food before you order, and provide you with only factual information on the size, price, and ingredients that go into it. If you constantly find yourself ordering menu items not to your liking; items that are too small, or too large; or typically feel pressured to order last minute due to a lack of knowledge, we've got your back! Research your dining experience on Charlotte Food Scene before your restaurant visit, and never worry about ordering the wrong dish again.

Our goal is to make sure you fully, and accurately, enjoy what Charlotte's Food Scene has to offer. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!


Sarah Chatham

Owner & Founder


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