BarPay Has Officially Landed In Charlotte; Never Wait In A Bar Line Again

Are you tired of waiting in bar lines, going elbow for elbow to get to the bar and order your drink? It always seems like you spend half of your weekend waiting in bar lines, but I'm here to tell you, that's over. A new Iphone app called BarPay is here to save the day.

BarPay assures that you never wait in line again, or miss out on time with friends.

With the never ending benefits of BarPay, it's hard not to love this life-changing app:

• Order directly from your cell phone, even while walking into the bar.

• Get into the bar faster by using a "Fast Pass" to skip the entry line. Yes, they will let you pay to skip the line!

• Never wait in line to order a drink again, and enjoy quality time with friends. No more taking turns to grab the drinks (my least favorite task, eh hem).

• Instantly pay for your tab and tip directly from your phone, which means you don't even have to take your card to the bar. Or, if you forget your card, you're still good to go.

• No more waiting to close your bar tab.

• Never leave your credit card at the bar again.

I'm already sold on this amazing app, and can't wait to see Charlotte execute it.

Here's how it works:

1. Download the app

2. Enter your payment information.

3. Select your venue. It will even allow you to order your drinks within a certain distance from the bar, so they'll be waiting for you once you arrive.

4. Select and customize your desired food and/or drinks.

5. Show your order number to the bartender at a designated location at the bar.

6. Pay for your tab directly from your phone, or simply walk out of the bar and the app will close your tab automatically.

7. Optional: If there's a line to get into the bar, buy a $20 Fast Pass that allows you to skip the entry line at the door.

BarPay sold over $100,000 in Fast Passes at their Los Angeles beta location. Sounds like these are pretty handy passes to me, and also a dream come true.

Here's a list of bars and restaurants that are already on board and are ready for you to use BarPay.

1. SIP

2. Prohibition

3. Connolly's

4. Tavern on the Tracks

5. Ink N Ivy

6. Suffolk Punch

7. Sugar Creek

As the app grows in Charlotte, there will be many more to come!

BarPay started in Los Angeles on a college campus back in 2016, and owners saw an increase of $300,000 in bar sales.

Founder Dan Wagner is a Charlotte native, and briefly played baseball for the Charlotte Knights only to later play for the Chicago White Sox, where he would then meet his partner Joe De Pinto. That's when BarPay was born. The two had an idea to perfect the process of ordering and picking up drinks in crowded bars and restaurants. They knew a college campus would be the best demographic to test this idea, so they hit the ground running at a small bar located at the University of Southern California. In just a couple of years, the bar saw an increase in sales of $300,000! As they considered where to take BarPay next, Dan and Joe had the opportunity to brainstorm with billionaire investor shark, Mark Cuban (how cool!). He advised them to create more excitement around BarPay if they wanted to impress investors, such as himself. What did Dan and Joe do next? Brought BarPay straight to the one city that made sense; Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte restaurants and bars should jump on this opportunity asap; who's with me?! Merchants can inquire about becoming a participating venue by emailing

BarPay is only available for Iphone right now, but they're looking to expand their app to Android users soon.

Owners, Dan Wagner and Joe De Pinto, have been working tirelessly to bring this fun app to light, so Android users; do not fear. Piggyback off of one of your Iphone friends for now, and pay them back after you leave the bar. Trust me, it's worth not waiting in line. Download the app here, and enjoy more time with friends.

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